Toni is the main character of the Leaving the Light series.

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Leaving the Light Edit

Toni's story begins as a simple engineer living like everyone else prone to daydreaming and antisocial behavior. She is spotted by a couple of vampires while she plays softball. The next day she wakes to find herself in a strange location with no idea of how she got there or why she was there.

She learns quickly that she is a servant to vampires....

Season of Darkness Edit

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Relationship: Bram Edit

Toni's main love interest is Bram.

Leaving the Light Edit

Having loved her before she was born, Bram sought her out and brought her to his home.

Season of Darkness Edit

Having to deal with Toni's new position, Bram also has to deal with her emotions.

Relationship: Keir Edit

Leaving the Light Edit

Keir spends most of his time trying to train Toni to serve obediently.

Season of Darkness Edit

As Keir spends more time with his new progeni we see there may be more hidden under the surface.

Relationship: Kama Edit

Leaving the Light Edit

The Mistress Kama likes her servants close, but at first she keeps Toni at arms length.

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Leaving the Light Edit

Toni begins to hear whisperings of a prophecy which she may be a part of.

Season of Darkness Edit

The whisperings have grown loud and they have Toni all but convinced she will one day fulfill it and be Queen.

Past Lives Edit

Toni discovers she has been reincarnated several times and beginning in Season of Darkness has full memories of those lives.

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