Kama, aka Mistress Kama or simply the Mistress is more than meets the eye. Toni's first experience with her was seeing her as a dominatrix in full capacity. This is what Kama allows people to see for the most part. Only those who become close to her see the true woman behind the leather. She can be kind and wise. She doles out advice for everything from relationships to leadership. She also has a motherly streak that may stem from the fact that she could not have been the mother to her own child.

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Leaving the Light Edit

Kama is seen mostly only as the Mistress. She is often in leather and very daunting especially where Toni is concerned. Even when she interferes in Toni's relationship trouble she uses her ability to cause pain and pleasure to bring her friends together.

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Little is known about her early life other than she was cloistered with other women of a harem. When she was old enough she fell in love with one of the (commoners). Since harems were offlimits to anyone but women they would sneak off in the dark of night. It is not known how they met other than it's hinted she had been sneaking out since childhood.

Once impregnated by () she was considered soiled and her father could not wed her until a westerner came calling. Kama's father, the (sultan), sold her to the man not knowing he was a vampire.

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Kama enjoys being a vampire very much. She finds it very fulfilling and free.

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